Brian Poncelet is an INDEPENDENT certified financial planner (CFP) working in the financial services industry since 1994. He serves clients in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Toronto and surrounding areas. Many of Brian’s clients are couples working toward retirement or have already retired. A large number are self-employed.

Brian Poncelet, CFP

A certified financial planner must complete a rigorous examination that covers financial planning, investment planning, family law, risk management and the adherence to a professional code of ethics. The CFP designation is an internationally recognized credential held by almost 100,000 people in 18 countries.

Because Brian is an independent planner, he has no ties to a specific bank or mutual fund company. There is no pressure or incentive for him to sell “in-house” services. This allows him to seek out the best product in the marketplace according to the specific needs of his clients.

Each prospective client receives a complete financial plan (a $549 value) free! This includes risk management, insurance needs assessment, tax saving strategies and mortgage advice.

Brian is affiliated with Ten Star Financial, an independent dealer with offices in most provinces. Ten Star Financial has been working with advisors for more than 30 years and offers home, auto and life insurance, term deposits, investments, group health benefits and commercial insurance. Most companies with this range of services are not independent and only sell their branded products.
Ten Star Financial shops the market for the best rate and for the best value from all available sources.