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Right now, thousands of Canadians are moving toward an earlier retirement. They’re also protecting themselves from financial disasters by switching to innovative financial products. And you can join them…and gain financial peace of mind for you and your family. In the last 24 months, major financial companies have created new and exciting financial products to help Canadians benefit financially from their hard work. These products are legally compliant and backed by Canada’s largest, strongest, and most respected financial groups. I’m Brian Poncelet, a fully-qualified and experienced Certified Financial Planner (Life insurance Mississauga). I started my firm in 1994. I provide retirement, life insurance, critical illness, disability insurance, and related services.

As an independent specialist, I’m completely different from financial planners who work for big banks and brokerage houses. How? I specialize in finding the latest financial instruments, researching these products, then providing my clients with a customized financial plan that includes these new and exciting products.

The result?

I can help you reach your financial goals faster. I can provide protection against life’s potential calamities. I can provide you, and your family, with peace of mind. My clients come from all walks of life. Many are self-employed.

I discover between $10,000 & $27,000 my clients didn�t know they had in 60 minutes or less.

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There are countless places you can go for financial products of various types, but with little spare time to look at your finances, it’s important to make the decisions that will have a real impact on your retirement.

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