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"Your Dream Protector"

Enjoy a Thriving Retirement and Protect Yourself from Life's Disasters...Discover How to...

Build a Rock-Solid Financial Foundation Faster Using the Most Advanced Financial Products Currently Available in Canada

Retire with thousands more every month and never run out of money in retirement...with less risk! Create your own "Bucket List" TODAY!!

Discover More About Innovative Financial Products Created to Help You Retire Sooner, Protect Your Financial Future, and Legally Reduce Your Taxes.

Right now, thousands of Canadians are moving toward an earlier retirement. They're also protecting themselves from financial disasters by switching to innovative financial products. And you can join them...and gain financial peace of mind for you and your family. In the last 24 months, major financial companies have created new and exciting financial products to help Canadians benefit financially from their hard work. These products are legally compliant and backed by Canada's largest, strongest, and most respected financial groups. I'm Brian Poncelet, a fully-qualified and experienced Certified Financial Planner (Life insurance Mississauga). I started my firm in 1994. I provide retirement, life insurance, critical illness, disability insurance, and related services.

As an independent specialist, I'm completely different from financial planners who work for big banks and brokerage houses. How? I specialize in finding the latest financial instruments, researching these products, then providing my clients with a customized financial plan that includes these new and exciting products.

The result?

I can help you reach your financial goals faster. I can provide protection against life's potential calamities. I can provide you, and your family, with peace of mind. My clients come from all walks of life. Many are self-employed.

I discover between $10,000 & $27,000 my clients didn�t know they had in 60 minutes or less.

Let's get started right now. Call me at (905) 338-7689 or
Click here now
to schedule a no-fee 20 to 30-minute consultation. I will introduce you to the latest innovations in financial planning and help you get on the road to a rock-solid financial future...whatever your current financial situation. There is no obligation to purchase any products and the consultation is totally confidential.

Let's Face it - We're all a Little Insecure...

It's the truth. People are highly insecure about

1) Their Money
2) Making decisions

Why? They don't have a financial model. Since there is no model. The best is to get a little bit of information about investments on the internet. Most "plans" are accumulation plans save $X @ 6% and you will have enough to retire on. This has been proven not to work? Why? remember 2008? How do you retire on $X of income when your $1,000,000 is down to $750,000 or $800,000? You run out of money YEARS SOONER!!

Do we buy real estate? RRSPs? TFSAs? What kind of insurance should we have how much? Can we retire early?

Most people spend 5X to 7X times the amount of time figuring out where to go on a trip, what to see where to stay where the best deal is etc. In fact some will have the days planned out for the one or two weeks they are gone...hours have gone into this!!

How about financial planning? What should it look like? Is there a model to pay less taxes, keep more money to spend in retirement, reduce risk and provide better protection for the family?

No! But we can solve that - our plan comes RISK-free, with a 90-day guarantee. If you have between 5- 15 years to retrement, we promise to increase your retirement income by at least 17% per year with less risk, better protection and that works in all economic conditions. Call for details.

Want to see what a model should look like?

Now that's a model. Here is another perspective, focused on savings vehicles.

These are great models - but you may be asking "what about unforeseen risk?" Keep reading.

How to get millions of free liability coverage from the insurance company

When was the last time the insurance company offered this?

Example: you are driving while on your iPhone or Android, and you hit a Cardiologist in Toronto whose income is $350,000 per year. He is 40 years old and now is seriously injured or is dead.

You have $1,000,000 of coverage. You have a paid off house and $207,000 of RRSPs. What you think happens?

You lose it all. Does your financial plan work out? You just lost 25 years of savings!! Here are a couple of quotes I like that are very applicable to a situation like that.

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." -Mike Tyson

"There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are also known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. These are the things we don't know we don't know." -Donald Rumsfeld

With the right model, however, this does not have to happen. See below for a good example of a protective model, with maximum benefits and minimum costs.

Below are some of the instruments I use to build these models for my clients. You can click any of them for more information at any time.

Innovative Financial Products and Services

Life Insurance
Conventional wisdom says go through your bank or broker. Discover why conventional wisdom is wrong. Life Insurance.

Critical Illness Insurance
Today's Critical Illness Products are 10 times more "user-friendly" than disability insurance - especially if you're self-employed. Discover why. Critical Illness.

Disability Insurance
An excellent choice for people who are currently employed with a company. New products are available and these are revolutionizing Disability Insurance. Disability Insurance

Health Insurance
Let me help you navigate through the health insurance maze. I have carefully selected health insurance products that provide the most effective coverage...with sensible premiums. Health Insurance.

Travel Insurance
Whether you travel for business or pleasure, a small premium can protect you from potentially devastating costs. Travel Insurance.

Income for Life
With a potential 5% bonus. Discover more about a new product that's perfect if you're wary of the word "investments." Income For Life.

Car Financing
There's a new product where you avoid paying interest and other charges to banks and financing companies. The product is especially popular with my clients. Car Financing.

Financial Education
To enjoy financial stability plus a long and happy retirement, it's VITAL to understand the fundamentals of financial planning. Free Financial Resources

Call me at (905) 338-7689 or Click to Schedule a no-fee 20 to 30-minute consultation.

9 Reasons My Clients Turn to Right Insurance for Financial Products and Advice

1. The latest financial products and services. These provide major advantages over "old school" products.
2. Completely independent advice. I'm not affiliated with a bank, broker, or financial group. I do NOT have to sell a quota of "house" products.
3. Fully customized plans built completely around your needs and your goals.
4. Protection against life's potential disasters through innovative insurance products.
5. A 19 year track record helping clients from all walks of life protect themselves and reach their financial goals.
6. Sensibly-priced products and services that will often help you save thousands over traditional products.
7. Reduce your tax liability legally. I'll show you how.
8. Powerful software that keeps track of your portfolio and takes the guesswork out of financial planning. Click here for a demonstration.
9. Complete and total transparency about fees and compensation.

Call me at (905) 338-7689 or click here now to schedule a no-fee 20 to 30-minute consultation.

IMPORTANT: While some of my clients are high net worth individuals, I help clients from all walks of life...and with any income. You'll be surprised what you can achieve with even a modest income.

For more about my background and experience, go here.
For my blog with the latest financial information, go here.
For testimonials, go here.

I look forward to helping you reach your financial goals...using the latest and most innovative financial products and services.

I can help you reach your financial goals faster. I can provide protection against life's potential calamities. I can provide you, and your family, with peace of mind. My clients come from all walks of life. Many are self-employed.

Call me at (905) 338-7689 or Click to Schedule a no-fee 20 to 30-minute consultation.

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Wealth in Motion: Discover the financial power of this incredible new software

When was the last time your tax expert, your investment advisor, your banker, and your insurance agent all got together to discuss your financial situation and future? Probably never, right? Discover how Wealth in Motion, an amazing software planning tool offered by Brian Poncelet, brings all of the pieces together and allows you to make informed decisions about your financial future!

Consistent dividends (5 to 9%) paid by top insurance companies every year for over 100 years!

In today's economy, dependable profits seem impossible...but what if you could get consistent returns of five to nine per cent paid every year, tax-sheltered and accessible tax-free? In this video, Brian Poncelet will explain that this method is safe, reliable, and proven by over 100 years of success.

CBC Marketplace "In Denial" - report on Mortgage Insurance (26:34, streaming)

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Gary's Story: Critical Illness / Disability Insurance

Gary Francis, who suffered a heart attack, describes the security and peace of mind that Critical Illness and Disability Insurance provided him with during his illness and recovery.  Courtesy of  Manulife Financial.

A Personal Message from Brian Poncelet

Certified Financial Planner Brian Poncelet welcomes you to his site and explains why he's the best choice to help you find the Right Insurance.