Where do you go if you need special coverage?

Where do you go if you need special coverage?  There are some insurance companies that can provide coverage when no one else can…please call me for details.

Examples are:

  • Coverage for those 65 and over who lose their Group LTD (long term disability) due to age – we can offer coverage to 65 year olds who continue to work but no longer have LTD.
  • Coverage for Canadians who travel to or work in high risk countries and might need war/terrorism coverage
  • Coverage for people in other applicable professions, such as: professional athletes, entertainers, pilots, high net-worth individuals, unearned income

High limit Disability Buy-Sell

An investment firm required $15 million life and disability buy-sell coverage on the majority owner, pursuant to the terms of their shareholder agreement.  They were able to obtain the life coverage in the regular market but could obtain at most $2 million worth of disability buy-sell coverage.  A policy was issued for the full $15 million required.