How to increase your retirement by 20% with less risk and less taxes

Ok, this is a big statement, to get started we have to understand some eroding factors which take our money every day.

Who takes our money?

Financial institutions



Financial Institutions

They build financial products, intended to protect, store, or grow your money.  These institutions are profit making businesses.


Make consumer products you need and want.  LED HD TVs, iphones, cars, etc.

Since there is always something better, you need to replace things. TVs are  an example.   I weill never forget a Doctor I saw (not saving enough) with a large flat screen TV by the kitchen table and asked him what happen to his TV.  “Nothing, I got a bigger one.”  He pointed to a new much larger TV that seemed to take up half his wall!


We all know property taxes go up every year!  How about HST  in Ontario? User fees?  For your income tax 2010 CRA says inflation only went up by .6%!   Personal amounts only went up by .6%?!  You are getting poorer as long as inflation goes higher that what the government is prepared to allow you! 

More to come soon!

If you want a free book that explains how you can start now to regain control of your money send me an e-mail  the book is called LEAP by Robert Castiglione.

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