How Vote Compass tells you what federal party you are closest too, but did not know it! How our software shows why term life insurance is the most expensive and you thought it was the cheapest!

Wow! Long title! If you go to you may find the party you thought you liked is the party that really does reflect your values!

Term life insurance is like that too. Buy the cheapest and save! Right, no wrong and here is why. We all need coverage if you have a family…rather want coverage. What happens to all the money you put in the insurance policy? Like rent it is gone, and the the insurance company is off the risk…why because as you get older the rates rise and becomes too expensive!

How about getting better coverage, getting all your money back plus interest?! Look at my illustration (under free financial tools) Person A vs. person B.Better still drop me a line and I will ship you a book which gives you an idea how to do this…better coverage getting all your money back plus interest, having more money in retirement more protection and paying less TAX!