TD Insurance… very limited and expensive choices!

I always get e-mails from bank talking about insurance. Note CIBC does not offer any insurance.

Here is the latest quote I ran off TD’s site.

Male born Dec. 12th 1980 (31 years old non-smoker)

choices they offered for $500,000 coverage
Term 10 $31.07/month
Term 20 $42.01/month
Term 100 $220/.07 month (note no cash value)

Quotes I found for the same $500,000 coverage

Term 10 $27.90/month
Term 20 $40.01/month

Permanent $179.30/month
* note age 56 cash value $49,241
at age 71 cash value $123,471 …..this includes the $500,000 coverage!
This is almost the same amount of money put in as one example!! For $40 less per month than TD

You can run any quote with TD, get a quote from us. We will get more coverage for the same price or even less!