Is using outdated financial tools? Or at least using a poor insurance quote system?

Do you ever read a ad which is out of date or worse seems to be written from years ago but is dated today?

Rate is one site that need to update their insurance quote system right away!

Here is an example 28 year old male regular health class permanent coverage
$700,000 $176.22 from Unity Life. Ok how about a 28 year old male who works out every day and is Preferred (better health)? You guess it, the same price which is like saying a driver with a number of speeding tickets gets the same insurance rate as one who does not! Come on Ratesupermarket…you can do better than that! By the way, Unity is now Foresters (this changed about a year ago)

I did the same for different ages/male/female health class and I still get the same quotes. (which by the way the pricing is out of date).

Are All quotes are “fixed” to the best health class?!


From their site
“We’re Canada’s #1 life insurance comparison service. 100% unbiased, giving you the latest life insurance offers in Canada.”


You be the judge. Our site:

their site

Which makes more sense?

You run your own quotes!