Why Kanetix.ca Life Insurance Quotes are $hundreds of dollars higher!!

Here is a question. If you have a tag line that says “Compare the best life insurance rates today” should it be true?I did a quote for a male non-smoker Born Jan 4th 1965 for $500,000 on https://www.kanetix.ca/life-insurance the cost $6,035 per year. The best quote we could find was $5,395 per year! The difference $640 per year!

What is the problem here? The answer is many insurance companies have increased their rates. The better and safer route believe it or not is whole life insurance.
For the above quote the cash value for the $5,395 policy (is $32,653 after 10 years) the other policy cash value is maybe $2,000!

Bottom line use caution whe getting quotes from the internet!