Is life insurance quote(s) a scam?

The problem lies is areas lfe insurance calculator which reduces the insurance “needs” by subtracting RRSPs to support one’s family.

Here is the rub. RRSPs are taxable! Why use RRSPs …draining retirement money to support a family?

The insurance quote calculator should be used a very rough idea of cost. Here is an example Male 43 non-smoker
wants $500,000 T-1000 permanent coverage Lowest quote $4,425/year Western Life Assurance NO CASH VALUE!

Best rate we could find Foresters $4100 per year with $25,000 cash value at year 10! That’s $325 per year!vs the “Best rate”

Rates have changed so the only way to get the best rates and best value is to call the quote engines are not uptodate!