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Important news for Self-Employed Individuals Have you considered Critical Illness Insurance?  It is often an excellent choice for people who are self-employed.  Disability Insurance is also very valuable - in fact, ideally you would have both coverages - but Critical Illness Insurance offers additional benefits.

In addition, this coverage offers a number of unique options that are available only in Canada. I personally use Critical Illness insurance, and in my opinion it's an excellent deal.  This product is currently underpriced - I recommend that all interested clients contact me as soon as possible to set up Critical Illness insurance before the companies providing it start raising the rates or eliminating some of the excellent options!

What Illnesses/Conditions Does it Cover? Critical Illness Insurance typically covers diseases and illnesses such as: Please note that you cannot purchase coverage for a pre-existing condition.

Why Should I Buy This Coverage? Are you 100 per cent certain that your savings or other sources of income will fully provide for you and your family in the event that you suffer an unexpected serious illness?  If you are NOT 100 per certain, you should have Critical Illness Insurance.  Upon claim payout (which is usually only 30 days from diagnosis), you will receive a lump sum payment according to your coverage level, which can be used as you see fit.

You can apply this lump sum to any debts or financial obligations.  A few examples might be: Get Covered - At Virtually NO Cost It gets even better.  You can obtain coverage for next to nothing.  You may be skeptical, but I assure you that it is very possible.  This approach will work in most cases - we will examine your particular situation and determine the best course for you.

Simply contact me to find out how you can receive Critical Illness Insurance coverage at virtually no cost.  There is no charge for our initial consultation - in fact, I will draw up a FREE draft plan after our meeting.


Brian Poncelet, Certified Financial Planner
Brian Poncelet, CFP
(905) 338-7689 (24hrs)

***Owing to limited resources and time commitment, only people with family incomes of $110,000 or more should call.  (OR $60,000 in RRSPs)