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Universal Life Insurance with Corporations
Brian was recently featured as a guest author on the "Million Dollar Journey" blog.  His entry was in regards to "Universal Life Insurance with Corporations."  See an excerpt below and then read the full post.

"At the point in time when the death benefit is paid, the type of plan is actually irrelevant. A term policy for $1,000,000 is equal to a universal life policy for $1,000,000. The main advantage to buying universal life (UL) is for the tax incentives that this type of plan offer while policy owner is still alive..."  Read full post »

Video: How Well do You Understand Life Insurance?
An informative and enjoyable "street interview" video in which average people are asked to explain life insurance terms and concepts.  The questions start at a basic level (e.g. "what are premiums?") but become more advanced and difficult.  Find out how much you know!


Article: a Premium
An in-depth CBC report on insurance costs, covering premium increases, government efforts to control them, common problems with claims, and much more.  Read more here »

Article: Canada's Life and Health Insurers
This page, provided by the Department of Finance, provides a good overview of the life and health insurance industry, its products and the legislation that governs them.  Read more here »

Website: Canadian Life and Health Insurance OmbudService
The CLHIO provides a Consumer Assistance Centre that helps current and prospective policy owners learn more about the industry and its products, address concerns, and resolve complaints.  Read more here »